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> Hi ED, You have been quoting a lot from the dictionary. Is this where
you find truth?

Hi JMJM, you quote your teacher quite a lot. Is it him you get the truth

> ... what is your personal insight? What do you experience?

First I would like to hear your personal experiences and insights, so
that I may get an idea about what you are looking for.

> You have commented, analyzed, or perhaps even criticized posts from
other members in this forum, which is fine.  Beware if you ever begins
to defend your position, because defense is the first sign of ego.

Since I do not experience you as my teacher, preaching to me is like
"pouring water on a duck's back."

> Your presence here benefits all of us.

I am unable to tell. Some may create benefit for themselves from what I

> Do share with us your inner self.

Show me how you do it, by sharing your inner self with us.

> We all learn from the sentient beings, like lotus grows from mud. Do
you get it??

I get what I get - but doubt it's what you get.

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