Thank you very much for the compassionate heart behind your posting.  ED 
ignorance shines in his reply to you.  A bit of internet garbage feeding the 
lotus flower.  ^_^
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> Hi ED, You have been quoting a lot from the dictionary. Is this where you 
> find truth?
Hi JMJM, you quote your teacher quite a lot. Is it him you get the truth from?
> ... what is your personal insight? What do you experience? 
First I would like to hear your personal experiences and insights, so that I 
may get an idea about what you are looking for.

> You have commented, analyzed, or perhaps even criticized posts from other 
> members in this forum, which is fine.  Beware if you ever begins to defend 
> your position, because defense is the first sign of ego.
Since I do not experience you as my teacher, preaching to me is like "pouring 
water on a duck's back."

> Your presence here benefits all of us. 
I am unable to tell. Some may create benefit for themselves from what I say. 
> Do share with us your inner self.
Show me how you do it, by sharing your inner self with us.

> We all learn from the sentient beings, like lotus grows from mud. Do you get 
> it??
I get what I get - but doubt it's what you get.
Be Enlightened In This Life - We ALL Can

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