Hi Anthony!:)
Very curious!  I just checked in to read here, and wanted to add a comment  to 
I actually feel the opposite is true for me.. Certainty-- in my experience , 
indicates a presense of ego.  That need to feel " right:, or "sure" that such a 
thing, thought, or experience  is correct.
Hope all is well with you.. I'm learning about Japan-- a wonderful place to be!
*bows*.. K

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Don't take uncertainty lightly. It is a difficult problem. I have uncertainty 

Though I understand it is, at least in part. caused by a strong ego, I cannot 
overcome ego either. So lets work together.


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I understand where you're coming from, but for me the problem is contamination. 
Since everyone has a desire to be healthy, I don't know what's a healthy way of 
avoiding contamination and what's an unhealthy way. 

How do you deal with the uncertainty?

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> >
> > I've been trying to keep up with the zazen, mostly with success, and 
> > keeping up with the mindfulness, but I still have the nagging question that 
> > troubles my OCD:
> > 
> > What do I do when, in order to confront my OCD, I must do something that 
> > feels "wrong," that feels like I'm endangering myself?
> > 
> > I know you're not experts on OCD, but you must have had some experience 
> > with a fear that seemed completely rational. It is, of course, the 
> > uncertainty that hurts the most. Any suggestions?
> >
> Hi Dave. When I was younger, I was troubled by obssesive checking behavior. I 
> have found that, for me, it is a matter of just being mindful of the anxiety, 
> as it arises, without either trying to run away from it or run toward it. And 
> then I choose to do something else that is unrelated in order to redirect my 
> attention. In my case, I enjoy karate, so I would go work on a kata, or form 
> exercise. But any activity that you enjoy will do. The OCD is just a glitch 
> in your amygdala brain center. Just be mindful of it, label it as just a 
> glitch that is not really "you", and then redirect your attention to 
> something else. Worked for me.
> Steve


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