The info doc 72099 is clear about LU with zones still, here is the NOTE:

NOTE: This patch list is currently incomplete for Solaris[TM] 10 systems running zones.
One patch that impacts patching zones is not available for either SPARC or x86 platforms.
If you are not using Live Upgrade on a system involving zones, the patch list below is complete.

I guess, we still need to wait for the list of patches to be finalized


Sergiy Kolodka wrote:
Can someone please confirm or deny if it is possible to do LiveUpgrade from Solaris 11/06 with zones installed to Solaris 8/07 ?

I've tried to apply all patches mentioned in 72099 doco from SunSolve, but lucreate keep complaining that I need to install all required patches in order to do upgrade with zones, and I'm pretty sure that I already have all them installed, actually I checked that five times and they are in fact. Whey I deattached zones process went pretty smooth, but that's not what I'm looking for.

So, am I missing something or LiveUpgrade with zones still doesn't work ?

Thanks !
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