Thanks for your message. I tried to download and install this, but there kept 
appearing more packages that I didn't have, had to download, and install. 
Eventually it was one i couldn't find (gdk-pixbuf-config). 

I think in the bigger picture this is one of the things holding back broader 
adoption. As much as I love OpenSolaris and ZFS, there's maybe not enough 
resources to make this a bit easier to use. Everything has to be a bit of a 
chore. For doing stuff like setting up proper ZFS filesystems, it's fair to 
expect the user to need to invest some time learning. "zpool" is such a 
powerful tool, allowing so many new things, that it requires some education.

But, c'mon: CD burning? This problem was solved a decade ago. I like Nero, 
because I can aggregate various directories, click twice, and my DVD comes out 
verified five minutes later. The idea that i have to track down packages, or 
deal with Brasero (which I'm sure can be configured; I just don't want to spend 
the time for something that I already know how to do otherwise), just raises 
the barrier unnecessarily for people who want to try out OpenSolaris, get it 
working, and then explore its compelling new features.

People are rightfully worried about the future of OpenSolaris, but by having 
some basic things be so difficult and time-consuming, just to get the basics of 
usability running, only exacerbate the problem by limiting adoption.

So I reiterate my question: has anyone gotten Nero Linux to run in a Zone, and 
if so, what's the best way to set it up? Thanks!
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