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> I'm a very happy user of your software, Joerg. But it is a fact that 
> -SOME- people just want to -CLICK- and not give a command (however 
> simple it is). I.m.h.o. UNIX is not for these people.

UNIX is userfriendly - it just selects whom to be friendly to ;-)

There is still always the chance to have a GUI on top of applications.

It would be interesting to know why there is more than one usable GUI for 
cdrtools on MS-WIN, but why there is noting similar that is really good
for UNIX.

We have X-CDRoast that is still nice (because it does not make the mistake
to implement own SCSI commands inside the GUI) but X-CDRoast is no longer 
under development since 6.5 years.

We have brasero but it is not developed with portability in mind and it only 
implements support few of the features that are present in cdrtools.

We have k3b but it depends on Qt and C++ and has otherwise still similar goals 
as brasero.

The two latter tools implement own SCSI commands in the GUI and for this reason
are a security risk and a portability problem besides the fact that they do not 
much about firmware bugs of various drives (while cdrecord implements 
workarounds for all known firmware bugs from various drives).

What we need is some work on a useful and portable GUI. The currently cleanest 
possible starter to work on such a GUI would be X-CDRoast...


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