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> > Well did you ever try to use cdrecord? cdrecord is easier to use than 
> > "cdrw" 
> > and other fimilar tools It is impossible to further reduce complexity as it 
> > is sufficient to call "cdrecord xxx.iso".
> Despite the unnecessary personal invective, you've proven my point.  You
> had to drop to a command line to do it -- that's a fail if the issue
> being discussed is a GUI.

I recomend you to require a GUI for the "cd" command. From your interpretation, 
it seems that the "cd" command is too complex for being used from command line. 

> However, I'll simply note that what comes with OpenSolaris today is not
> as good as what comes with other OSes from an ease-of-use point of view,
> which supports the original poster's point.

This is partially (and in special in our case) a result of the fact that too 
many people develop applications on  other platforms and don't care about 
what's not "their" platform. In special the applications developed on Linux 
seem to have extreme portability issues as they sometimes (and again in 
special in our case) depend on security risks found on Linux that are not 
present on other OS (e.g. FreeBSD or Solaris).

Sun did fail to change this tendency even though there was a big chance since
June 14th 2005.... The failure of Sun was not to cooperate with the community 
in the way it was discussed and announced in September 2004 (see my earlier 

> Sure, having active development and inclusion of xcdroast in the
> OpenSolaris distribution would probably be nice.  It doesn't seem to be
> there now, though.

Even here, the main problem is that Sun did believe Sun would need to do this.
This could be done in the community - given a significant control to the 
OpenSolaris development.

> I don't see how a recounting of history helps here.  It only makes sense
> to compare the current OpenSolaris with the state of the art for other
> systems.  We can't change history.

You tell me that you cannot change history but you behave as if you cannot 
change the future. I made my remark in order to encourage you to think about 
what could be changed in future.

And BTW: the standard compliance of the filesystems created by the Apple tools
is worse than what you get with cdrtools and there are even known issues.


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