Thanks, James, for the sensible reply. 

In fact, there are good reasons that some tools are CLI-based, and others have 
a GUI. As I alluded to in my original post, I am strongly in favor of some 
tools being at the command line, such as "zpool", because they are simpler and 
less prone to error.  But if you want to aggregate files from a dozen different 
directories, to backup data and code that might be spread over several file 
systems, I don't see how [b]any[/b] CLI-based utility is going to make this 
easy, or more importantly, quick. Indeed, I'm not hung up about Nero, but I 
just want a filebrowser-based, easy, way to burn CDs/DVDs and Blu-ray disks 
with just a few clicks. I don't want to make a separate .iso file first. It's 
all about saving time and hassle. I'm unwilling to invest much time in getting 
something so basic to work, when there are so many other things to do.

So no one knows of a solution for OpenSolaris that is similar to what's 
available on other platforms? That's too bad. I suppose I should just NFS the 
filesystem and access it over the network, from a computer running either 
Windows or Linux, just for burning? That seems a bit awkward... Thanks.
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