Joerg Schilling wrote:
> James Carlson <> wrote:
>>> Just try to describe _why_ you believe that you need Nero.
>> Assuming that his original problem is that mkisofs and cdrecord are just
>> too hard to use -- in comparison to the GUI-based features on other
> Well did you ever try to use cdrecord? cdrecord is easier to use than "cdrw" 
> and other fimilar tools It is impossible to further reduce complexity as it 
> is sufficient to call "cdrecord xxx.iso".

Despite the unnecessary personal invective, you've proven my point.  You
had to drop to a command line to do it -- that's a fail if the issue
being discussed is a GUI.

>> systems -- I have to agree with the previous poster.  It's an important
>> gap, even if the features in the tools we have are objectively better,
>> and even if there are defects in the GUIs that others use.
> There is e.g. X-CDRoast that nicely works on Solaris and if Sun did not waste
> time with developing things like "cdrw", Sun could have used the time to 
> create 
> a nice and powerful GUI for cdrtools.....

I can't (and won't) comment on Sun/Oracle's funding priorities -- I
think they're completely off-topic here, and I'm not going to support
any sort of "my tool is better than yours so stop wasting your money"
sort of diatribe.  It's just silliness.

However, I'll simply note that what comes with OpenSolaris today is not
as good as what comes with other OSes from an ease-of-use point of view,
which supports the original poster's point.

Sure, having active development and inclusion of xcdroast in the
OpenSolaris distribution would probably be nice.  It doesn't seem to be
there now, though.

>> I just wouldn't focus too much on Nero.  I think that's the wrong
>> target.  Macs are easier to use than that, and provide an object lesson
>> in how it's possible to make UNIX highly usable by the masses.  It might
>> not be the fun part of development (at least I don't view it that way
>> ;-}), but providing good UIs goes a long way to making users productive
>> without forcing them to become grad students in each technical area.
>  I am not sure whether you are correctly informed about Apple. Cdrtools was 
> the 
> first application that could write CDs/DVDs on Mac OS X and cdrtools have 
> been 
> de-facto the only such application for the first 5 years of Mac OS X. BTW: 
> X-CDRoast also works on Mac OS X.

I don't see how a recounting of history helps here.  It only makes sense
to compare the current OpenSolaris with the state of the art for other
systems.  We can't change history.

The CD and DVD tools on my Snow Leopard iMac at home are reasonable, and
a lot more is available for easy download and install.  It's hard to get
simpler than the "Burn" tool on sourceforge.  That's not yet quite so
true on OpenSolaris, and it should be.

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