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Florent Guillaume wrote:
> Tres Seaver <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
>>Because the Plone guys are trying to release a 2.1RC at OSCOM, and
>>because it would be sensible for them to use the fixes made since 1.5.2
>>to the 1.5 branch, I'm wondering if we should be tagging a beta of 1.5.3.
>>Any objections?  I may or may not get around to making a release for it.
> No objection. I'll slip in a few changes to reindexObjectSecurity today
> too probably.
> However I'd like to urge the "Plone guys" (95% of which don't bother to
> read or post in this list) to move their collective butts and actually
> implement forward-compatibility in Plone itself rather that, once more,
> tying the release of a base software to their own schedule.

I've been working on getting more of them focused on the maintenance of
CMF:  Andy McKay, Geoff Davis, and Alec Mitchell each have fixes they
want to land as soon as they get cleared for SVN access.

> We have been doing it in CPS for a while, in a "CPSCompat" product. It's
> very easy, this is python, we can monkey-patch everything we need.

The problem with that approach is that it introduces the risk that
bugfixes never make it back to the underlying product, because nobody
has the incentive (beyond good intentions) to land them.  <span
class="ironic">Of course, nobody would actually succumb to that

> See for instance the state we had before CMF 1.5.2 was released:
> http://svn.nuxeo.org/trac/pub/browser/CPSCompat/trunk/?rev=24873
> These changes have become irrelevant now that CMF 1.5.2 is out, so the
> current code doesn't have them anymore. And I haven't forced anyone to
> release any other software just because I needed a new version of CPS
> out there.

I learned this morning that the Plone 2.1 RC went out (I am told) with
CMF 1.5.2.  The really crucial fix for them (making the pathwalk in
DirectoryView less painfully slow) only really affects people running
from SVN checkouts;  OTOH, SVN is the only way to get the RC.

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