Tres Seaver <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> Because the Plone guys are trying to release a 2.1RC at OSCOM, and
> because it would be sensible for them to use the fixes made since 1.5.2
> to the 1.5 branch, I'm wondering if we should be tagging a beta of 1.5.3.
> Any objections?  I may or may not get around to making a release for it.

No objection. I'll slip in a few changes to reindexObjectSecurity today
too probably.

However I'd like to urge the "Plone guys" (95% of which don't bother to
read or post in this list) to move their collective butts and actually
implement forward-compatibility in Plone itself rather that, once more,
tying the release of a base software to their own schedule.

We have been doing it in CPS for a while, in a "CPSCompat" product. It's
very easy, this is python, we can monkey-patch everything we need.

See for instance the state we had before CMF 1.5.2 was released:
These changes have become irrelevant now that CMF 1.5.2 is out, so the
current code doesn't have them anymore. And I haven't forced anyone to
release any other software just because I needed a new version of CPS
out there.


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