[Chris Withers]
> Saw my name mentioned earlier but not sure whether Tim has solved the
> problem...

Can't say -- I put up .pyds for current Zope 2 and Zope 3 HEAD, but haven't
heard whether anyone tried them.

> I'd be happy to set up a nightly (or weekly, let me know which would be
> better) scheduled task [...] that checked out he latest HEAD of Zope 3,
> compiled it and PUT it up to my Zope.org member area

I expect that would be helpful, and also helpful for the Zope 2 HEAD, but
it's not clear what you would upload.  For example, just the .pyds, or the
entire codebase, or...?

> (I suspect the slowest part of this process will actually be uploading
> it to Zope.org

If it's just the .pyds, the upload is small and goes fast, and only *needs*
to be done when Zope's C code changes (infrequent).  If it's the entire
codebase, then, ya, it will go slower, and needs doing more often.

> ...
> Would it be helpful to get the nightly Windows tests running again?

Yes!  For both HEADs.

> I stopped as a corollory of setting up my own company, but also
> because of lack of perceived support from people who could fix Windows
> problems and the lack of caring of developers who only developed for
> Linux and broke stuff on Windows... ahs any of that changed?

I can't know whether your perceptions have changed, but guess that they
haven't <wink>.

Of course most developers are still on Linux, and break the tests on Windows
routinely; that's not going to change (the things that go wrong on Windows
don't make sense to Linux programmers -- e.g., the idea that you can't
rename or delete an open file just isn't in their view of the world).

So progress on Windows occurs in spurts, usually only when one of the few
active contributors on Windows can make spare time for it.  There are
currently 7 failures on native Windows in Zope 2 HEAD.  I opened a Collector
report about them because I don't know how to fix them.  The Zope3 tests are
in better Windows shape today, and it's likely that all Zope3 tests (unit
and functional, including the --all tests) will pass on native Windows

Exceptions I know about:

+ One test will never pass on Win98SE (it opens more sockets
  simultaneously than Win98SE can handle).

+ One of the --all ZEO tests often fails on my hyper-threaded
  Pentium box, but never fails anywhere else, and never fails
  if I disable hyper-threading in the BIOS.

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