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I've followed the Guido blogs/discussion loosely.  As a relative
newcomer, this is my first real experience with the Python community's
confusion of Zope2 and Zope3.  I've seen on the list that people have
been discussing renaming and other remedies to this problem.

You're not the only one.

In my opinion, I think a little branding could go a long way.  Instead
of renaming the entire project, call it  "Zope3 Zebra" or "Zope3
Panther" (clearly these are horrible, but you can see where I am going
with this).

Then create a dedicated website www.zope3zebra.org that basically
links the Zope 3 book, tutorials, example code, and existing projects
like SchoolTool on the front page.  Clearly brand it as a
"industrial-strength, pythonic web framework" and a complete rewrite
from Zope2.  Provide a link to all Python web frameworks and explain
the advantages of industrial-strength, non-hackish code for people who
want to do it right the first time.  This front page will provide a
jumping off point for zope3 devs and users.

Does this make sense?  It's only a small rebrand (and the Zope3 stays
intact) and an assembly of components that already exist.  Basically,
you can use this occasion as a coming out party... "Zope3 is here, and
we're for real".

Bottom line, I think the proof is in the pudding, and Zope3 quality is
superb so it's not going anywhere.  But a little better
organization/marketing to the outside world could go a long way.

I'm in no position to make decisions, but I think this is a wonderful idea. It strikes a good balance between retaining the Zope brand and marking a fresh start.

Philipp W and others have commented on Zope 3's utter lack of marketing (anyone been to zope.org lately?) and how it is probably hurting its adoption. Having just learnt Zope 3 myself, I'm telling others it's wonderful, and then they start talking about web services[1] and wonder what I've been smoking. Very sad.


[1] SOAP


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