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On Thursday 02 February 2006 15:01, Martin Aspeli wrote:
Philipp W and others have commented on Zope 3's utter lack of marketing  
(anyone been to zope.org lately?) and how it is probably hurting its  
adoption. Having just learnt Zope 3 myself, I'm telling others it's  
wonderful, and then they start talking about web services[1] and wonder  
what I've been smoking. Very sad.

I am pretty sure there is a SOAP implementation for Zope 3 and it is in

You missed my point (unless that was dry humour)... No-one who doesn't already read this list has heard of Zope 3 (as in, they understand what it's all about, and they understand the distinction between Zope 2 and Zope 3) and very few have heard of Zope in general. They have, however, seen all the Ruby-on-Rails demos and are talking about it all the time.

Is Ruby-on-Rails a better framework than Zope 3?



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