On Thursday 02 February 2006 15:48, Martin Aspeli wrote:
> > I am pretty sure there is a SOAP implementation for Zope 3 and it is in
> > svn.zope.org.
> You missed my point (unless that was dry humour)... 

With all the discussion about the Cubed project today, I guess I have not much 
humor left in me. ;-)

> No-one who doesn't   
> already read this list has heard of Zope 3 (as in, they understand what  
> it's all about, and they understand the distinction between Zope 2 and  
> Zope 3) and very few have heard of Zope in general. They have, however,  
> seen all the Ruby-on-Rails demos and are talking about it all the time.

Yeah, but honestly I don't care. If people choose a technology on name 
recognition and not on technical merit, then it is their bad. However, I 
question the RoR hype. I wonder whether big companies seriously considering 
it; it has absolutely no track record. Zope 2 (and even 3) on the other hand 
is deployed on many huge sites and the risk of deploying it is low. Even 
deploying Zope 3 is a smaller risk than RoR.

> Is Ruby-on-Rails a better framework than Zope 3?

I do not know. I have not looked at it, but I doubt it. There is a lot of 
experience in Zope 3. Also some users have reported coming back from RoR.

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