Kervin L. Pierre wrote:

Software consultant time? Are you paying someone to do the work or is this payment for you and/or other developers?

Yes we had to get someone with MAPI service provider
experience on board.
I see. That is very good. I would imagine not a lot of people exist with that expertise.

 This has sped things up
I am sure.

 Too much of my time was spent experimenting with the MAPI API in the past.

How would people go about testing? Just using the message store? Are there any specific things that should be done/noted etc?

Right now this is 'developer' testing.  We are trying
to get to user beta testing.  That's the May 1st
milestone.  There are unfortunately too many un-implemented
features for user testing right now.

I see.

    4. LibIcal needs to be converted to 64bit time
       utilizing windows time API.
       ( Approx. 40-120 hours )


Perhaps you could put the above tasks into the Sourceforge task list for your project? Provide more detail and allow the community to track the project? I would be more then happy to perform that task if you want. I

Thanks.  That would be appreciated.  I haven't had much
time for administrative tasks.

Ok just add my sourceforge ID (charlesnw) to the project and give me the appropriate level of access. I will add the tasks tonight.


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