On Oct 16, 2016 1:35 PM, "Jean-Sebastien Stoezel" <js.stoe...@gmail.com>
> A follow up, I was looking at the install directory, which is part of the
instructions Robert had posted. The SGX package does include the library
files but does not include the source. Or the headers. And so I am thinking
that somehow I need to know exactly what version this SGX is, download the
source and add the headers to the include path.
> Somehow I got to print $SGX_REVISON and $BUILDTYPE and I get the
following value: "0x10205" and "release9.x".
> Where to get the source and header files for this SGX revision?

Welcome to the sgx.. we get Linux header source which we used to build the
kernel modules.

While everything else is a blob from ti.. which they got from imgtek...

Using the sgx is just a waste of time.


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