On Wed, 2003-02-12 at 14:59, Adam Williamson wrote:
> On Wed, 2003-02-12 at 22:47, Sascha Noyes wrote:
> > I think a wiki is definately needed. It is at the moment probably the most 
> > flexible and yet powerful collaboration tool available for an open community 
> > like the Mandrake community is. (Witness www.wikipedia.org)
> > The sooner - the better ;-)
> Wikipedia does take quite a lot of care to weed out vandalism and such
> (I'm a semi-regular contributor). A Mandrake wiki could probably live
> with far tighter controls in the interests of avoiding trash. Wikipedia
> has a system of "special pages" which aren't world-editable, this could
> be used. There would also be an argument for registration for a Mandrake
> wiki, probably with quite strict control over who could actually edit
> it. But I think the idea's a sound one.

I'd recommend looking at TWiki if the ability to control it is desired. 
(The one talked about in last months Linux Magazine.) Better security,
The ability to have multiple private webs ( MDK emplyee's only
Developers only Users only that kind of thing.) and a number of plugins
and skins.  We use it internally in my company and find it to be very
useful... Kinda the corporate memory.


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