On Wed, 2003-02-12 at 17:47, Sascha Noyes wrote:
> I think a wiki is definately needed. It is at the moment probably the most 
> flexible and yet powerful collaboration tool available for an open community 
> like the Mandrake community is. (Witness www.wikipedia.org)
> The sooner - the better ;-)

I thought tutos (www.tutos.org) would be the best cuz it's very
customizable, pretty, and all php, all GPL.  Best of all, it has
pictures of each member.  I was just about ready to go buy a digital
camera and a new thong.

Problem would be integrating it with bugzilla.  Nobody wants to have two
totally separate systems, so we would need:
a) vastly improved bugzilla, both is features and speed
b) ditch bugzilla, get an amazingly capable groupware system
c) find a groupware system that can interact with bugzilla

I don't know enough about the logistics of setting it up to comment

(feels drafty in here)

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