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> Isn't latex for document restyling? What you would use it for? 
> There's little time to only write the text, let alone fiddling 
> with styles and typesetting. Word is better in this sense that it 
> gets the end result just by saving the document.

(Xe|Lua)LaTeX (or LaTeX 3) is an authoring tool, but then using the same
source form it becomes a typesetting tool. No need to change the tools
to change the role.

LaTeX (and AsciiDoc) files are mergeable and hence can be stored in a
VCS repository very easily. Word files are just binary blobs. Perhaps
for individual working there is a "who cares" possibility, but for joint
authoring a VCS repository provides a shared, managed store. VCS and
binary blobs are a waste of time, so if you author with binary blobs you
can't really do joint authoring, unless you impose sequential access. I
have tried using a wrapper around FrameMaker files to achieve locking,
technology works, authoring process sucks. Think using SCCS or RCS. 

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