I worry about us making this kind of decision in the rarified air of the 
developer mailing list. It's a technical question yes, but it affects the 
entire community. 

I think, here, we underplay just how hard it is for people out there. IMO 
expecting that people suffering from massive information overload to 
successfully switch docs version is already setting the bar too high. 
People really struggle. 

I'll give you one concrete example. 

Teaching DjangoGirls in Barcelona, one student—presumably for EXACTLY the 
kind of version mis-match we're talking about here—had her project created 
with a different version of the template than everybody else's. It didn't 
have contrib.staticfiles in INSTALLED_APPS. As such, where everyone else 
was able to deploy, her deployment failed. In the end there were 
instructors from three tables around here laptop trying who-knows-what in 
the shell before it was worked out and resolved. ("Try `collectstatic` 
locally" led to the answer.) 

Without those instructors present that student would have been stuck at 
that point, and lost. 

I don't have figures, and we never hear from most of these people, but I 
guess this sort of difficulty happens a lot. 
A quick scan of django-users suggests it's all the time. 

> ...there's a new test failure after a recent patch due to 
non-deterministic dict ordering in Python 3.5 which demonstrates the sort 
of minor annoyances that take time away from making useful improvements to 

It's not that I don't hear you hear. I do. 

It's just that I think of this as an accessibility issue, and accessibility 
is a feature too. 

For me, if the cost of including someone is that we have to use OrderedDict 
for a wee-bit longer, then so be it. 

Kind Regards,


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