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> Yep, the first impulse is to be reactive. Unless you have the force to
> win, that usually results in an escalation or divisiveness. I read a
> political advice comment by someone who essentially recommended:
> - first agree with the person,
> - listen, build trust,
> - then present your needs without pushing an agenda.
> Meaning: understand that he sees no harm in parking in a space that is
> always vacant. You never know what the solution may turn out to be until
> you hear more. In your case, it might be hard to have that conversation,
> but a note with a phone number or email address could be a start.

I agree: you have to start out trying to understand their position, and
then see how you can bring them to your side.

Something to the effect of "I understand you probably don't see any harm in
parking here, since this space is usually vacant.  And certainly, if this
were the only vacant spot, and you were only going to be here a few
minutes, you'd probably park here.  However please understand that for an
electric vehicle owner like me, this spot is like my gas station - I have
to park at spots like this fo "fill up".   Just as you wouldn't park next
to a pump at a gas station if you weren't filling up with gas, please don't
park here unless you're filling up with electricity."

As a side note, this is why I tell anyone who'll listen that the best spots
for EV charging are those spots that are inconvenient.  Unfortunately the
reality of existing electricity outlets/connections makes that infeasible
much of the time.
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