Cal Frye via EV wrote:
I've thought of getting a J1773 extension cable, bright orange and marked "High Voltage" to drape across the intervening cars between me and the charger. See who's brave enough to move that puppy!

I did not get keys when I bought my ComutaVan (rescued it from a junkyard, actually). I had a key made for the ignition; but didn't have one for the doors, so I could not lock it.

I bought one of those "Danger - High Voltage" warning signs, and put it in the window. No one bothered it; in fact, they wouldn't even come near it.

One day, I happened to park in a puddle in the parking lot. As I was walking to it, there was a mother and her little boy walking past it. The little boy was interested, and headed right for my ComutaVan. The mom grabbed him in a panic, and pulled him away. She wouldn't even let him touch the puddle!

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