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> They were put at the most convenient spots because we wanted those who
> might become early adopters and those that create emissions to have an
> incentive for doing so.

Yeah, I know; I remember those days and it seemed like a good idea at the
time.  I still know of places that have a "hybrid or electric car parking
only" sign, even though there is no charger there.

It works fine unless there is a shortage of parking spaces.  Once there's a
shortage, the situation changes: now you're not just saying that the
non-hybrid folks have to walk further; you're telling them that they may
have to walk much, much further, or even not come at all.  Not such a big
deal if there are often EVs or Hybrids in those spots, but if those spots
are usually empty, you just create resentment.  And resentment plays into
the hands of the "long tailpipe" crowd.

It's not just EV spots where this happens: here at work there is a shortage
of parking, but the handicapped spots and pregnant-mother spots are often
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