Bob Bruninga said (in part):
> Thanks for the LIVE California load page. That page today shows the famous
Duck's back curve that is developing in California.  Yes, today (in
winter), the curve still has the demand higher during the day than at
night.  But that same curve during the spring and fall does go negative in
the middle of the day and that is the infamous "Duck's Back Curve" that
will only get worse:
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March yes, but not in the summer - and only very late fall (we get our hottest 
heat spells in September and October).  Not for a very long time anyway.  
Conveniently peak solar is at least sort of when peak air conditioning load is, 
but we're a long ways from carrying the AC load with solar.
BTW, pull up satellite view on google Earth some time and take a look at how 
much solar there is here in California - it's a LOT.  Particularly in the 
commercial sector.  Look at almost any large retail store or mall, and solar 
abounds.  Not everywhere of course, but a lot and it's growing daily.
Jim Walls - K6CCC
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