you'd want to store (renewable) energy when there is a surplus.
The market for grid storage is fast growing and I hear little about the
old tech of
rotating (flywheel) storage and adding pumped storage is not easy to
grow either
due to real estate, the only area that I hear massive investments in is
in battery.

Surprisingly, one of the ways to add storage and stabilize the grid is
by installing
a specific version of Fast Charger. While the Fast Charger is often
villified for its
potential to upset the grid due to high and unexpected loads, it can
also be installed
with battery storage that allows low installation cost due to requiring
only a moderately
amount of connected power with the battery averaging the load out over a
longer period
but at the same time allowing the battery to be used in demand load
control and possibly
even in power generation, depending how the electronics is set up.

This allows a Fast Charge station to be installed in a residence of a
(wealthy) individual
without need to change the service connection, a simple 240V 50A
connection can charge
a battery bank overnight if needed, or whenever it is cheaper or more
desirable to pull
electricity off the grid, in addition a (large) PV system can feed into
the bank, to give it
power when a grid failure occurs.
Charging from the bank can happen at any speed that the batteries and
the electronics
can sustain, 50 or even 100kW power is no problem, even while the grid
peaks at 12kW.

BTW, this system already exists, EMW has developed it and when this gets
rolled out,
it is a great addition to the ever increasing grid storage.
Note: there is no reason the house could not be powered from this as
well, so essentially
it becomes a "PowerWall".
The vision that I have is that an affordable version of this system can
be offered with *used* 
EV batteries as the requirements for weight and size are much less in
stationary installations 
and this gives a good second hand market for used batteries from EV.


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On Thu Jan 04 07:41:44 PST 2018 said:
>Mail at night!
>I suspect that in 20 years, the post office, UPS and Amazon and all 
>long haul trucking and deliveries will all be at night.  Think of the 
>benefit to the grid and everyone (including reduced traffic 
>congestion).  All those battries storing energy all day long and then 
>being used at night as a great balance to the grid.

Actually, that is the reverse of what you want.
You want to store during the night when demand is low, then use during
the day when demand is hi.


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