Evln status: the EV news wires began to increase. Not a lot but better.

(ot) my status: I have good news: making two 2hr calls, listening to
muzakfor 4hrs, I finally got through to a live person who said my title went
through, was postal mailed to me with new lic plate registration stickers

I headed out to my mailbox before hitting the hwy south, and found I had
received my birth certificate (another yay!).
But I continued on the 4hr a day driving trek toward the nearest ca DMV
office (I don't have to go all the way to silicon valley), to get a print
out of proof I own/it is registering to me (as Willie,cor,and others said I
can just wait for the title to come in the mail). Meanwhile that print out
proof removes the time gun-to-my-head limit. I can show any county mounty
the printout that I am legal.

But as you can see, I am sending this differently. My rca cambio win 10 did
not wake up from being put I sleep mode.I am using my Android 5.2 phone
stylus to peck this post out. I lost several days of items to post, and it
likely will be while before I get my mojo/groove back.
Please bare with the delay ...

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