(Stylus pecking on phone mode)
Evnews wires have several items, and a lot less koch funded anti ev
At this time (notebook less), I don't have a way to post them so they can be
used in evdl archive searches (often media links go bad/items removed -
which is why I make all that effort). 
If I get time,I would like to post just the links I find, so at least evrs
have something to chew on.

(ot) my status: achieved the trip's goal.
I now have the ca DMV print out proving my ownership (I am legal).
It will take another week to get back. When I do, 
I hope to order a replacement laptop.
My trip: Bakersfield ca, Eloy az, Deming nm, van horn tx, junction tx,
central tx (new) home/residence.

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