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EVLN news status: the EV news items for a short while began again. But
slowed down today. Let's hope they pick up again. See below* as there will
be delays again in EVLN newswire posts ...

(ot) My status: stable (I have lodging) but I'm still not legal ...
Completed/achieved: a permanent address let me switch my car insurance to
state it is for TX (which is one of the requirements of getting a TX
driver's license).

I sent away for an official copy of my birth certificate, being sent to a
(UPS store) mailing address I bought.

A second call to CA dmv gave a different reason I still do not have what I
need to make TX vehicle registration dept. happy (TX registration & licenses
are separate groups/bldgs). So, CA dmv ('s screwups) has me in limbo.

The easiest approach is to let this (CA dmv messed up) vehicle go (find a
new owner for this vehicle and walk away from it. After so much ... it seems
like a shame, but I need to get on with my life and not be
delayed/jerked-around by CA dmv red tape).
*This means in a few days, I will have to drive this vehicle (2000+mi) back
to CA to get this resolved.

I have had a lot of helpful information given to me by the friendly local
folk. An Uhaul rep that came from CA said, 'Yup CA dmv does screw up so that
is not so strange'. He had to get rid of a good car back in CA by abandoning
it (I am going to try to be as legal as possible). That last dmv call said
my name shows up as the pending owner as soon as a special dmv dept checks.
Until then (legally) the guy I bought it from is still the owner (what a
limbo-land mess!).

Tomorrow, I hope to finish emptying out the vehicle of all my stuff into
local TX storage, and then spend some time looking around at used (legal) TX
vehicles to know what I will buy when I return.

Once back in CA and before I lose the (albatrose) vehicle, I will see about
getting an official copy of my birth certificate, if it has not arrived at
the TX mail service.
When vehicle-less, I will fly back, rent a car, then start looking for a TX
registered (legal) used vehicle, and get on with my life.

As you can read, I have a lot of chores to complete (it is not easy to
become a Texan). But I hope to have better wifi access luck with the
different motels I stay at on the way back, so I can still post/shoot a few
EVLN items out, while I continue to live out of a suitcase.

I'm astonished you are having so much trouble since it seems hundreds of Californians move to Texas each day (and probably vice versa). I gather that the root of the problem is that you tried to import your newly purchased car before it's California ownership had completely "settled"?

I'm just returning from a short trip to southern California and have had my preconceived notions entirely reinforced.

I intended to comment earlier on your Texas inspection questions but didn't get around to it. As you probably know by now, there is a one time import inspection that is very quick simple and easy; it just confirms that your vehicle matches your title. Cost is low to nothing but not performed by common "safety" inspection stations (AFAIK). Maybe one designated place per county. The "Safety" inspection has to be performed annually (or maybe it is once every two years now) on each car registered in the state. That includes emissions tests in the counties that require. Probably not in Belton/Temple.

On your car disposal problem (if you decide you can not get clear California title while the car is in Texas): Salvage yards are required to get titles with the junk cars but many will take title less vehicles. They will pay if with title but not if without. They MAY be willing to accept your California title. A car is worth around $200 for "crush" value.

I have ~10 old dead cars sitting around; you are welcome to add yours to my collection. While being stored, you can try to straighten out the title or you can work on parting it out. Offer a "pull your own part" deal on CraigsList.

Depending on the value of the car, it may not be worth the pain of a road round trip to California to resolve a title problem.

A Texas used car dealer might be willing to buy the car and know how to deal with the title problem. Of course that would reduce the value. A used car dealer might be more willing to deal with it if you offered it as trade in. The whole car might be sold on CL as a "parts" car.

There are Texas businesses that specialize in title solutions. As I recall, I hired one to provide a "bonded" title on the Hyundai that came out of one of the Carolinas as a new car. Right now, I can not be more specific. As I recall, a couple of hundred dollars made that title problem go away and I now have a regular Texas title on it. As I recall, the business I used catered mainly to used car dealers.

Good luck!  Let me know if I can help.

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