As our sysop, David, said this thread is ot because I am not driving an EV at
this time (true). But hopefully (as he said) it will have detail useful for
those that are.

I appreciate all your opinions, and later I may want to take Willie up on
his generous offer (thank you) to have my vehicle be the 11th parked on his

Willie wrote:
I agree with Cor that Bruce will likely encounter no trouble driving his
California registered car in Texas. At least as long as the car is legal in
California and likely long after the car is illegal in California.

And there lies the rub [ ]
(and perhaps more information to help clarify ...)
On 20171102, when I turned in to the CA dmv the owner's title (signed over
to me), vehicle paperwork, and paid my ($$$) dmv fees at a local CA dmv
office, the dmv rep said at the end of our business, I was now legal, paid
up in full, I should expect a title with my name on it in the postal mail in
a couple weeks, and with the large red paper they gave me to place on my
windshield, the NOV (expired) rear license-plate-sticker did not matter
(because the large red dmv paper gave me permission to drive on CA roads
until 20180101).

The TX vehicle registration rep said I need the title (I would not be legal
until I showed her the title in MY name).
She did said I could get three, 6 month extensions allowing me to drive the
vehicle on TX roads, but that was it (after those, no more).

So, while it seems like I am impatient, in a sense, I have a time-limit
gun-to-my head. My ability to drive on CA roads expires at the end of this
month. (Worse case) If as posted it may take year(s) for this to work its
way through the CA dmv for me to get the title ...
(meanwhile the vehicle parked at Willie's farm, has tall prairie grass
growing around it, rusting with a hard to replace dead battery (a huge strut
is in the way), is sitting, sitting, sitting there, adding to the nesting
sites of field mice. 

In that scenario, even when I did get the title, about all I could do with
the vehicle is have it towed away for scrap (which is what I plan to do when
I go to CA).

It as been two months since the dmv rep gave me her blessing. So, I have a
vote of no-confidence in the CA dmv, I believe that they are inept, and that
I will likely never receive the title. So, yes I am (ticking-expiration
date) anxious to get out from under this situation before I am not legally
allowed to drive the vehicle on the road of any state.

Pacing the amount of physical  exercise so as to not stress my CHF heart
condition, today was my second day emptying out the vehicle, placing my
stuff in storage (task accomplished, I immediately went back to where I am
staying and took a nap to recover).

BTW, while I was signing my life away to pay for arranging to have that
storage space, their rep came from SoCal (Temecula , the Inland Empire is
near to Los Angeles, CA area) said, 'that is odd, I did not have any
problems transferring to TX' (like what Willie said). Further discussion
revealed that her company had a dept. to make the transition transparent.
That explains a lot. I know about those 'company travel dept's'. It is their
job to know all the ins and outs to make it easy on company employees (I
used similar travel dept's when I was a hp CE for 25 years).

But doing a transition on your own (despite all the research homework I
thought I had done), you run into requirements that impede, and slow that
transition process down to maybe not happening if you do not resolve those
issues ... (life can be tough).

For the next four days before I leave TX for another week+ trek back to CA,
I will be familiarizing myself with the used car dealers in this TX local
area. My choice of vehicle type may be different this time. In this part of
TX, the pick-up truck is king. My current needs are simple. I likely won't
be driving more th 7 mils per week to buy groceries (same as before). Plus I
hope to make the annual 2hour each way trek south to San Antonio's NDEW

For my future needs, the VA may be providing me with a e-mobility cart (my
hips are wearing out). So, the used TX inspected and registered vehicle I
buy will need to be able to transport/carry one of those pEVs. A truck, or
van would likely be what I should get to be ready for that future need, see:

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