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If you want to evangelize people into using Plone - a good start might be to have tutorials at WPD (rather than have it be a pep rally).

I think a lot of people have given tutorials. but from some of the groups I talked to it was mostly to existing plone users which perhaps isn't spreading the word as intended.

We're going to be giving a talk to students at a university who might not have heard of Plone. We're not exactly sure yet what we're going to say that will make them give plone a try. but I think you made a good point that Plone is a tool and new developers are perhaps our best market for Plone and business decision makers don't care that much (or at least care more about sales people and size of the company providing support). So we'll be saying something along the line that Plone is a developers CMS, if you had one arrow in your quiver then plone would be the one you want. As Martin put it, when other CMS's say no, plone will often say yes. What would really help is some extreme examples of plone versatility. Anyone got some good stories?

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