On 05 Jul 2011, at 01:15, B Soroud wrote:

Bru, I forgot:

"At least they do not burn alive non buddhist, or very less often so. What do you mean "where have they gotten"?"

Sure they don't burn alive non buddhists becaues they've had their head up their asses for the last several thousand years.... and finally they were woken up from their dogmatic slumber by the invasion of the Chinese.... they were sitting up on their high horses dreaming about compassionat acts for hundreds of years.... dreaming, and doing nothing!

By where have they gotten I mean it is a circular loop.... the same old thing, no progress... just fantastical gnostic claims and the same old discussions that we are having here.

I think that you are just insulting people when you disagree with them. It is hardly convincing. I refer you to a testable precise theory, and you use vague sunday philosophy to justify not studying it.



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