yes, in introducing states of meditation and lucid dreaming and drug
altered states.... you may perhaps hone in on the essence and nuance
of what qualifies consciousness and illuminate something of the
qualitative texture and subtly and scope of its complexity of modes or

There is the notion of awakening or the notion of a coming to
consciousness or a higher state of consciousness.... this complicates
the generalized notion of consciousness. damn. But it seems "higher
consciousness" has something to do with what Spinoza called adequate
ideas and also with the notion of 1) clarity 2) concentration 3)
serenity 4) active consciousness 5) accuracy and comprehensiveness of
conception 6) power of imagination

I don't know... this is a really complex subject.

p.s. does anything change in the shift from ordinary dreaming to lucid
dreaming but the introduction of the revelatory idea "I am dreaming"
and all that that intuitively implies to us and the shift or
reorientation it accomplishes along with the heightening of self-
determination and experimentation and urgency and free spiritedness it

Generally I like your view on things or your basic insights and mode
of discourse (are you really 21? I am 25).... but I want to critique a
few things:

" After we leave behind pain and strife and come together in peace to
 and blossom ever faster, our lives may become very glorious, and they
 become only better... Also, what is the alternative to progress? I
have yet to see any way to
escape progress."

there are a lot of presuppositions underlying this.... but anyways...
I want to respond to this by recommending you to reflect on Heraclitus
if you haven't already. Or even the symbol yinyang. Also I want to
recommend to you the picture of the human condition arising from a
read of Pascal and Dostoevsky's Notes from Underground...  this shows
a very interesting picture of the human being, and its inherent
rebellion or aversion to your naive picture of technocratic progress
and optimism. That is a simple and indirect way to respond to the
complexities arising from your optimism. "Optimists and pessimists
differ only on the date of the end of the world."

Nevertheless, this is a compelling thought: "The universe apparently
has a drive
 towards progress. If we assume the world makes any sense from a point
 conscious beings it wouldn't have this drive if there wasn't
something to
gain by this. If there wasn't, there would be a fundmental error in
this omniverse. There is too much perfection in the fundamental
principles of the omniverse (as shown by math) for me to believe that.

But this is absurd and medieval scholastic logic: "The greatest truth
is the truth that is beyond itself and the greatest being the one that
is greater even then itself"

"Perfection is the beginning, I'd say, and not the end."

So perfection is behind us? Like in a Romanticist sense?

" We just have to be careful not to understand balance as indifference
 pursuit as stress."

 It seems to me that indifference and stress are implied in both.

"Instead we should try find calm, clear-headedness and
 peace through balance in our lifes  - and fun, excitement and
 through relentless pursuit of our deep wishes and hopes."

This sounds to naive and idealistic to me. I am opposed to this notion
of peace... some peace is good, but some war and strife and
hyperactivity and excitation is good to. Calm, clear-headedness and
peace can be a kind of weakness, a kind of overly sensitive and
passive meakness... and opposed to the way of things. Calm and peace
never last and can not be the main course, as far as I understand. I
think Bruno is more right.

 "Almost all happy people pursue something they think is important."

If you read Spinoza's analysis of hope and how it operates... how it
is inconstant and shifts into despair... you wonder if hope or these
dreams that drive people are not often the cause of despair and
disillusionment... or a kind of absurd activity of ever chasing the
ever elusive.

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