On Aug 3, 2:13 pm, Bruno Marchal <marc...@ulb.ac.be> wrote:

> You are the one imagining that a very special form (a biological  
> neuron) must equate with private content.

Not true. All physical phenomena has a private correlate. Biology just
expands the richness of it, commensurate with it's added layer of
physical meta-organization.

> > particularly given the success of miniaturization in
> > processing enormously complex signals. I think this goes along with
> > the conception of electromagnetism as disembodied forces and fields,
> > quantum mechanical probability waves, etc as the overreaching of
> > abstraction to compensate for the disqualification of sensorimotive
> > phenomena because it doesn't mix well with existing theoretical
> > approaches and Enlightenment era traditions.
> On the contrary. The Indians and the greeks have intuit Mechanism, and  
> greeks have "invented" occidental science by marrying mysticism and  
> rationalism. It is the naturalist/materialist tradition  
> ("Arsitotelian") which has separated Theology from Science, not  
> mechanism, unless you confuse it with materialism (but with the usual  
> weak Occam razor they are logically incompatible).

That's true. Enlightenment era traditions should read 'philosophical
traditions developed in the Enlightenment era and before'.

> There is nothing wrong with *searching* this understanding.
> The problem is that you want to reintroduce the 1p in science, and  
> this does not help for reintroducing the 3-p theories on the 1p in  
> science, because many scientists confuse them, and you give them fuel.

If many scientists confuse them, then maybe there is a reason for that
that needs to be understood completely, and not just avoided?

> It is already, if you can listen to the others.

When I find someone who can listen to me, then I will be able to learn
how to do it.


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