On Aug 1, 2:55 pm, Bruno Marchal <marc...@ulb.ac.be> wrote:

> That happens with comp too, if you grasp the seventh UDA step. Our  
> first person experience are distributed in a non computable way in the  
> universal dovetailing.
> You have a good intuition, but you assume much to much. The goal is to  
> explain the sense and matter without assuming sense nor matter (but  
> accepting the usual phenomenology of it, which is what we need to  
> search an explanation for).

Searching for an explanation is phenomenological too though, as are
numbers. Arithmetic is part of sense. A sensorimotive circuit, to
detect, model, and control. It's an experience which requires a very
specific intelligence to participate in. We can control and detect by
arithmetic modeling, but that doesn't mean the object of it's modeling
is arithmetic. I think that I'm actually assuming much less - my
primitive universe doesn't require any epiphenomena or
disqualification of appearances.


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