On Feb 28, 6:10 pm, Quentin Anciaux <allco...@gmail.com> wrote:
> 2012/2/28 Craig Weinberg <whatsons...@gmail.com>
> > On Feb 28, 5:15 pm, Quentin Anciaux <allco...@gmail.com> wrote:
> > > the you
> > > before is no more.
> > That's what I have been arguing all along. Yes, doctor = Yes, death.
> No... tell me where is the you of 1 second ago ?

I'm still here. The passage of time isn't objectively real. Nothing is
actually disappearing or passing away because of time alone.

> When I say no more.. I
> mean that... the you now, is not the you of one second ago, that you one
> second ago is in the past, he is in the past and nowhere to be found in the
> current moment, in the current moment, there is only the current you.

No, the current me contains my entire history. Nothing is lost, even
if I can't consciously recall particular memories. I don't remember
learning to read these words, but the experience of learning to read
them now is part of my perception of them. It's an inertial frame of
semantic relation that accumulates through experience, regardless of
the passage of time.

> Beside that, that identity question is the same in MWI context.

It fails in that context too. The logic doesn't hold up. If I replace
my brain with a digital device, I either go on living my life or I do
not. If I do, then there can be no difference between one digital
brain and two and I would have to be now be living my life out of two
or (or two thousand) brains simultaneously. I think that this is the
only viable answer if we believe in comp, since the idea of arithmetic
truth makes identity something like an eternal radio frequency which
can be accessed at any time and plugged into any universal machine. To
me, it's clear that what would happen instead is that replacing your
brain with a digital puppet would cause you to lapse into a coma and
then die, while your body lived on doing an uncanny imitation of you
for an amazed audience.


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