On 4/5/2012 12:39 PM, David Nyman wrote:
I confess this smells to me like the wrong sort of theory.  On the
other hand, if comp is true the story can be somewhat more subtle.
Comp + consciousness (the "internal view" of arithmetical truth)
implies an infinity of possible histories, in which natural selection,
of features advantageous to macroscopic entities inhabiting a
macroscopic environment, is a particularly consistent strand.

I think that's the story even if comp is false.

It also
entails parallel strands of "evolutionary history" - i.e. at the level
of wave function - which need make no reference to any such macro
features but nonetheless imply the same gross distributions of matter.

Are you contemplating consciousness as a kind of equivalence relation that picks out the different branches of Everett's MWI, i.e. solves the basis problem of decoherence? That would seem to make every quasi-classical object conscious.

  But such a schema does entail a "causal" role for consciousness, as
the unique integrator of discontinuous subjective perspectives,

To refer to 'subjective' perspectives seems to already assume consciousness.


but at
a very different logical level than that of "physical causation" (i.e.
the reductive structural relation between states).


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