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 > And so you know that pursuant to the purpose of winning a game it may be
> useful to make a random choice.

Certainly!  Random choice is a key part of the Monte Carlo method of
statistical mechanics and it is one of the most important computer
algorithms ever made, the H-bomb could never have been invented without it.

> Deep Blue purposefully acted to win chess games. Spirit and Opportunity
> purposely explored parts of Mars.


> Depends on what you mean by "free will".

There are only two things I mean by "free will" because they are the only
two that are not gibberish, but nobody around here except me likes either
1) Free Will is the inability to always know what you are going to do
before you do it.
2) Free Will is a noise made by the mouth by a certain subset of bipedal

> I think that with certain AI programming a computer could have the so
> called "feeling of free will"

Yes, as Turing proved, even computers don't know what they will do until
they do it.

  John K Clark

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