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    > And so you know that pursuant to the purpose of winning a game it may be 
useful to
    make a random choice.

Certainly! Random choice is a key part of the Monte Carlo method of statistical mechanics and it is one of the most important computer algorithms ever made, the H-bomb could never have been invented without it.

    > Deep Blue purposefully acted to win chess games. Spirit and Opportunity 
    explored parts of Mars.


    > Depends on what you mean by "free will".

There are only two things I mean by "free will" because they are the only two that are not gibberish, but nobody around here except me likes either definition:
1) Free Will is the inability to always know what you are going to do before 
you do it.

I like it. I called it upredictability (even by yourself). But I also added that it included acting purposefully; otherwise simple randomness is 'free will'.


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