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> It seems pretty clear.  It's an ability to make decisions in a spirit
> realm and have them implemented in the physical realm.

Physical realm mental realm spirit realm or idiot realm (sorry, that last
was redundant) things happen for a reason or things do not happen for a

> If we could follow in detail the workings of a subject's brain and we
> found that there were physically uncaused events

Then they were random.

> that led to actions and decisions

Random events are just as capable of creating actions and decisions as
caused events are.

> and these events almost always contributed to the realization of express
> plans

If the plans were announced before the event and it always happened then
you would have a very hard time convincing anyone that the event really was
"physically uncaused", few get that lucky so its statistically much more
likely the plans caused the event. And if not and you really were
astronomically lucky it would still remain true that even God does things
for a reason or He does not.

 John K Clark

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