On 25 Jun 2012, at 01:08, Russell Standish wrote:

On Sun, Jun 24, 2012 at 01:29:31PM -0700, meekerdb wrote:
On 6/24/2012 10:06 AM, Bruno Marchal wrote:
And then if I luckily succeed in computing the electron mass
9.10938291×10^-31 kg,  Brent will tell me that we already knew
that, and ask for something else.

Well if you do it by luck...  But of course I'd be very impressed if
you could calculate it just from comp+arithmetic.  But I'd be less
impressed if you just showed that it must be one of all possible

More realistically, shouldn't comp+arithmetic be able to make some
basic predictions like: QM must be based on complex Hilbert spaces
(not real, quateronic or octonic).

I do think this is a very interesting question. I do have a good
reason for supposing it is must be complex, not real, but then it
fails to say why it shouldn't be quarternionic in preference to complex.

The trouble is it is so difficult to work out what a quarternionic QM
would really mean.

Or the level at which spacetime
is discrete (if it is).

Spacetime must emerge from relationships between events. The set of
events must be countable, but the relationships between them is a power
set of this, which is uncountable.

This would imply continuity of spacetime, I think.

This is a flipside of Bruno's argument that COMP entails physics (ie
phenomenal physics) is not computable.

Comp already explains a lot of what physicists accepts, but find very weird, like appearances of a pure strong form indeterminacy/parallel realities, non locality, non cloning. It predicts the existence of continuous observable, and of non computable sequences of definite observations.

Unfortunately it does not seems to be able to derive easily the empirically "simpler" aspect of physics, like the existence and structure of space-time, or the existence of computable hamiltonian/ energy.

But comp is not a proposal for doing physics differently. Comp is just the most simple and reasonable hypothesis in the cognitive science, and then it transforms the mind-body problem into the necessity of deriving physics from arithmetic or any universal system. In that sense it already explains why there is a physical quantum-like reality. Comp discovers the realm in which the physical laws appeared and "logically evolved", and this in a way which saves the persons from metaphysical elimination. The "reversal" is more theological than physical. it introduces rigor in the "human" or "spiritual" sciences.

It is up to the materialists, if they want to stay materialist, to provide their non-comp theory of mind. But with the exception of Penrose, ... and Craig, no one seems to be aware of that necessity. UDA is supposed to make that clear, though.



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