On 8/24/2012 7:05 PM, Stephen P. King wrote:

"...due to the law of conjugate bisimulation identity:

          A ~ A   =   A ~ B ~ C ~ B ~ A   =   A ~ B ~ A

this is "retractable path independence": path independence only over retractable paths.

I don't understand this. You write A~(B~A) which implies that B~A is a "system" (in this case one being simulated by A). But then you write


and also

A~B~C~A =/= A~C~B~A =/= A~A

This seems inconsistent, since A~B~C~A = A~D~A where D=B~C, but then A~D~A=A~A. And A~C~B~A = A~E~A where E=C~B, and then A~E~A=A~A. But then A~B~C~A = A~C~B~A.

You drop the parentheses, implying the relation is associative, but then you treat it as though it isn't??


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