On 17 Oct 2012, at 10:12, Alberto G. Corona wrote:

Life may support mathematics.

Arithmetic may support life. It is full of life and dreams.

Life is a computation devoted to making guesses about the future in order to self preserve . This is only possible in a world where natural computers are possible: in a world where the phisical laws have a mathematical nature. Instead of comp creating a mathematical- phisical reality, is the mathematical reality what creates the computations in which we live.

So all kind of arbitrary universes may exist, but only (some) mathematical ones can harbour self preserving computations, that is, observers.

OK. But harboring self-preserving computation is not enough, it must do in a first person measure winning way on all computations going through our state. That's nice as this explain that your idea of evolution needs to be extended up to the origin of the physical laws.

Mathematics is just a collection of representations that are internally logically consistent (note that the total mathematical universe is not a single consistent set!), so outside of that what is there? Comp is a mathematical model, its "support" outside of math remains to be seen.

Comp, is a bet involving the physical world, and the first person subject. But by its very nature, it leads to doubt the necessity to bet about something outside of a tiny part of arithmetic, for the ontology, as the "inside view" will already explode in a non mathematically unboundable way.

You need only the Turing universal reality. It is not important to choose numbers, or lambda terms, or combinators, or the game of life pattern, as they all lead to the same couplings consciousness/realities.

The arithmetical reality escapes the computable reality, but the computed beings are confronted to both the computable and the non computable, and a complete transfinite ladder of surprises.



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