On 10/17/2012 4:12 AM, Alberto G. Corona wrote:
Life may support mathematics.
Hi Alberto,

OK, we can think of Life, in a very abstract sense, as the generator of variety and pattern, so that might work. This makes Life = God!

Life is a computation devoted to making guesses about the future in order to self preserve .

I would say that if the above stipulation is true, then this claim applies to the individual "life forms" and not Life (the Form), no?

This is only possible in a world where natural computers are possible:

What other kind of computers could there be? Are we not part of the natural world, Reality and thus Nature and thus what we make is "natural computers"? I do not understand the word "artificial", I must tell you, it seems oxymoronic! Why the Man v nature dichotomy? This seems a vestige of the doctrine of "The Fall" within Abrahamic religions. ...

in a world where the phisical laws have a mathematical nature.

Kinda redundant, no? If the physical laws are not capable of being represented by mathematics, what would they be? Patternless chaos in randomness?

Instead of comp creating a mathematical-phisical reality, is the mathematical reality what creates the computations in which we live.

    Those two semi-sentences seem equivalent to me...

So all kind of arbitrary universes may exist, but only (some) mathematical ones can harbour self preserving computations, that is, observers.

Sure, all universes that have patterns that repeat more than once. But do we even need to stipulate universes that don't contain observers? Or are you considering only anthropomorphic observers: observers that can create elaborate narratives and/or even confabulations to each other?



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