Computationalism and downward causation -- Leibniz's new paradigm for science

The new, strictly logical, Leibnizian view of the universe is
that the new paradigm- computationalism-- is thoroughly
logically based, while conventional science is based on appearances,
not that the appearances are wrong. 

In a previous email I explained how all of today's science is based
on the logical error that mind and matter can directly
interact, which is false, because they are two different
substances, completely foreign to one another. 

The more strictly logical view, as Leibniz showed, is that
the interaction only appears to happen.
But the strictly logical Leibnizian view is that upward 
causation is only an appearance. All true causation is 
actually downward (Platonic).

This new understanding not only allows today's scientific 
results to be apparently true, but opens the door to 
previously unexplainable phenomena such as gravity. 

Another way to say this is that, although they may
appear to be a posteriori (in the world), all causes 
are actually theoretical (a priori). Numbers being 
a priori (given), this gives a completely new 
solidity to computationalism.

Roger Clough

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