Hi Bruno Marchal  

Sorry, I misconstrued the river/man analogy. Heraclitus
said instead that a man cannot stand in the same river twice
(or even from moment to moment). It's just a statement
of contingency.

Roger Clough, rclo...@verizon.net 
"Forever is a long time, especially near the end." -Woody Allen 

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On 02 Nov 2012, at 11:50, Roger Clough wrote: 

Hi Bruno Marchal  

When I refer to the One, I think of it not as a number 1 
but as a metaphor.   

Well, the ONE is not the number 1. OK. 

The Soul is the identity of a monad, including the  
supreme monad. The soul does not change, even though 
the monad is constantly (rapidly) changing. The river 
keeps changing, but the man standing in it remains the same. 

Hmmmmmm.... why not. Too much fuzzy to be sure. Only the universal soul can be 
sais not changing. 
But once the soul has fallen, it forgets its universal origin, and undergone 
quite big changes. 

So in like manor, we can consider the One (as a metaphor, 
not as a number) as the Soul of the universe, the Universal 

I don't think so. the soul is the inner God, the one you can awake by different 
technic. The outer God, is beyond conceivability, even if comp can identify it 
with the very complex set of code of the arithmetical truth. 
At least in the arithmetical interpretation of Plotinus. 



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