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> > Your contradiction is that at some times you accept survival and other
>> times you deny there is survival.
> Well depending on circumstances sometimes you survive and sometimes you
> don't, there have been a huge number of permutations in this thought
> experiment, give me a specific one and I'll tell you if you survived. And
> it was Bruno not me who invented the Helsinki man and the Washington man
> and the Moscow man; If he gave then different names he must have believed
> there is something different about them, and indeed there is, the Moscow
> man will write in his diary "I don't see Washington" and the Washington man
> will wright that he does. Big deal.

Okay, one simple question which I hope you will answer:

As in the movie the Prestige, would you step into the duplicating machine
knowing that one of your duplicates would survive and one would drown?

If you have reservations about stepping into the machine, because you are
uncertain whether you might experience that suffering, that is all you need
to move to the next step, which is merely duplication with delay.  In the
movie you enjoyed so much, the main character wondered "Would I be the man
in the box or the prestige?"  This is all that is meant to be shown by step
3, that a person in Angier's position can't know which man he will be after
the machine copies him.


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