On Fri, Nov 2, 2012  Bruno Marchal <marc...@ulb.ac.be> wrote:

> He believes he still exist, because he believes, or assumed, comp.

People believe they exist and in real life they don't have or need a reason
for doing so. And I no longer know what "comp" means.

> Comp is that we can survive with a digital machine replacing the brain.

I have no difficulty with that, but now you tell me that it means a great
many other things too, things that are clearly untrue; like consciousness
was there before Evolution produced brains or  "the owner [of a brain]
itself must attach his consciousness to all states existing in arithmetic".

> you are stuck in step 3

And I will remain stuck there until you fix the blunders you made in step
3; after that perhaps the additional steps that were built on that fatally
flawed foundation would be worth reading.

 > the guy in W and the guy in M are both the guy in H


> by definition of comp.

I don't know what that is.

> This is enough to get the 1_indeterminacy.

You don't know what your environment will be, what's new and mysterious
about that? I have no duplicating machine but I still don't know if my
environment will include rain tomorrow, but I can't find anything of
philosophical interest in that fact .

> And the guy in Helsinki, if he can reason like any Löbian machine,

Like your other invention "comp" I don't know what a  "Löbian machine" is.

>>>>  What is the probability the Washington man will write in his diary he
>>>> sees Washington? 100%.
>>> >>> The question was asked to the Helsinki man.
>> >> But you said the Helsinki man was destroyed, if so then he's got a
>> rather severe case of writers block and is writing very little in his diary.
> > The body of the guy in Helsinki is destroyed, but by comp, we have
> already accept that the guy itself survives.
 So when you say "The question was asked to the Helsinki man" you are
asking a question to a man who's body has been destroyed. Yes the Helsinki
man is also the Washington man so you could say there is a 100% chance the
Helsinki man will write in his diary "I see Washington".  Of course the
Helsinki man is also the Moscow man so there is a 100% chance the Helsinki
man will write in his diary "I DO NOT see Washington". There is no
contradiction because you have been duplicated.

> >> If Bruno Marchal's body is duplicated and sent to Washington and Moscow
> but inside identical boxes then Bruno Marchal's consciousness has not been
> duplicated and will not be until the boxes are opened and different things
> are observed by the Brunos, at that point they will no longer be each other
> but both will still be    Bruno Marchal
> > Exactly. This contradict what you say above though.

I said a great deal above but I'll be damned if I see any contradiction .

> It doesn't matter if Boltzman brains exist or not.
> > Of course it does matter. That the point of step 4, 5, 6, 7.

Which are useless because they were built on top of a step that does not

  John K Clark

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