On Sat, Nov 3, 2012 Bruno Marchal <marc...@ulb.ac.be> wrote:

> But you know in davance that whatever happen, you will live only one
> thing.

John Clark knows with certainty that John Clark will see Washington, and
John Clark knows with certainty that John Clark will see Moscow, and John
Clark knows with certainty that John Clark will see one and only one city,
and John Clark knows with certainty that this is not paradoxical because
JOHN CLARK HAS BEEN DUPLICATED. And after its all over and the dust has
settled John Clark can see that John Clark's Helsinki prediction, that was
made before all this started, was completely accurate.

> There are two 1p, as seen from the 3p view

A third party has only one view, the third party's own; John Clark can't
make any sense out of "two 1p as seen from the 3p view".

> but you know in advance that you will live, only one 1p view, from your
> next 1p view.

Just that short sentence contains "you know" and "you will live" and "your
next 1p view" with no clear understanding of who the "you" is that is
supposed to know or who the "you"  that will live or who the "you" is that
will view something because YOU HAVE BEEN DUPLICATED. When "you" has been
duplicated stop using pronouns or all statements will be ambiguous! When
the self has been copied and pronouns continue to be used as before as if
nothing had happened then confusion always results.

> Again and again and again, you answer on the future 1views

And again and again Bruno Marchal says YOU HAVE BEEN DUPLICATED and then
gives them radically different experiences and then chastises John Clark
for giving a list rather than a single answer when the question "what will
"you" see?" is asked. But if 2 different questions are asked then one
should expect 2 different answers. If Bruno Marchal wants clearer answers
then Bruno Marchal should ask clearer questions by NOT USING PRONOUNS.

>>  if the 2 are identical I can't single out one and say this one will
>> have fate X while that one will have fate Y, and because they are identical
>> it would be a useless prediction even if I could.
> > Irelevant as they are not identical.

If before they see either city the two are not identical then the
duplicating chamber is not working properly and Bruno Marchal's thought
experiments are convoluted enough without introducing poorly maintained
machinery into the mix.

> The question is about your future 1p.

John Clark does not know what the question is nor, with all these
duplicates running around, who "your" refers to, but John Clark does know
that John Clark's future point of view will continue to be John Clark's
point of view.

> One will say I feel to be only in W and the other will say I feel to be
> only in M, so BOTH will that they (John Clark) was wrong in Helsinki , or
> that he did not understand the question.

John Clark will feel to be only in Washington and John Clark will feel to
be only in Moscow and John Clark will know that was exactly what John Clark
predicted yesterday when John Clark was in Helsinki. And John Clark has a
far deeper understanding of the question than Bruno Marchal had.

  John K Clark

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