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it is still not clear who "you" refers to and that is why pronouns should not be used. If "you" refers to the Helsinki man then "you" will experience no city at all because according to Bruno Marchal's thought
experiment the Helsinki man is destroyed.

This contradicts the time you agreed that one can survive via

But it's Bruno's thought experiment and Bruno is the one who said the Helsinki man is no more, John Clark is just trying to figure out who the hell "you" is. When Bruno says "the Helsinki man is destroyed" John Clark interprets that to mean that survival has continued and nobody has died but nobody is experiencing Helsinki anymore either; If Bruno means something else by "the Helsinki man is destroyed" let him speak up now and clear
things up.

 John K Clark

John Clark is just talking à la Alain Delon and obviously doesn't want to debate. This thread is sterile as almost any thread invoking marvelous John
Clark thoughts.


Yes I find it hard to debate John when he only answers only some of
the questions I pose to him and deletes the other questions from his
reply.  This is why I suspect he is not seriously trying to advance
his or our understanding.

Yes John Clark seems like wanting to be negative. His posts contains ad hominem remarks which illustrates that his agenda is perhaps not really about learning and debating. I should perhaps avoid answering post containing such remarks. At the same time people stopping at step 3 are rare, and I have some interest to figure out what is the problem, or ... what kind of problems. Usually opponents simply stop at step 0, without much comments, nor interests in the field. Of course there is also some genuine difficulty in step 8, but that does never come from people having prejudices, just honest people in front of the genuine intrinsic difficulty of the mind-body problem.



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